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I went to a workshop today at my board office. The PD is called Bridges out of Poverty, and is based on this

Part of the presentation was spent watching a film - we would watch it in three parts, and carry on with the discussion and presentation in between each segment.

One of the interesting aspects of the film is that it was filmed in my area, and although the children in the film attended a Catholic school, they could easily have attended a school very close to where I teach.

In addition, one of the three presenters was the eldest daughter from the film. She seems to be in her early twenties now, and through a variety of circumstances, has taken the training to be a facilitator for this workshop. Hearing her perspective about the issues we were discussing was incredibly powerful.

I found so much information that I could connect with some of my students. I wish every teacher would take advantage of this workshop as it comes up. It is important.

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