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Thinking about teacher evaluation in Ontario

So, after reading some posts about the criteria  for teacher evaluations in some of your districts, I thought I’d share what the situation is like in my neck of the education woods. And although the criteria is the same across Ontario, I know it is implemented in different ways, in different schools, and boards, so I’m only speaking from my perspective.

I am evaluated once every five years. I can only be given a satisfactory or an unsatisfactory rating. That’s it. I can be the most amazing teacher in the county, and I would still be rated as satisfactory. I am rated on 16 Competency Statements (I’ve put them at the end of this post). For me, the process worked like this:

I was evaluated last year. I met with my principal for about 1 1/2 hours to discuss the evaluation, and what I wanted him to look for. He went through my day book, my lesson plans, my assessment binder,my record keeping about parental contact. He looked around my room. He asked me questions if something wasn’t obvious. It was a good meeting.

Then we picked a time for him to observe me teaching. I chose the subject  - since I teach everything, I could choose. That day I gave him a copy of my lesson plan, and any materials I would be using with the kids. He was in my room for the 100 minute Literacy block, he observed my interaction with the kids as they entered, he looked at my routines and structures, he observed my whole group lesson, my guided reading lessons, my conferences. and my manner as I monitored students.

About a week later, we met for another 1 1/2 hours. He gave me the report he prepared, and we read through it together. It was an incredibly validating experience. He got me,he saw what I did, and what I valued in the classroom. And although I have my satisfactory rating, as the only choice, the report clearing indicates my strengths and competencies. 

Now I know not all experiences are like this. Some admins treat it like a rubber stamp. But for me it was a very positive experience.

I do know the process that has to happen  if a teacher were to receive an “unsatisfactory” rating, and it is quite involved. I’ll leave that for another post if people are interested.

These are the competencies laid out by our Ministry of Education.

Table 2. The 16 Competency Statements 

• Teachers demonstrate commitment to the well-being and development of all


• Teachers are dedicated in their efforts to teach and support pupil learning and achievement.

• Teachers treat all pupils equitably and with respect.

• Teachers provide an environment for learning that encourages pupils to be problem solvers, decision makers, lifelong learners, and contributing members of a changing society.

• Teachers know their subject matter, the Ontario curriculum, and education related legislation.

• Teachers know a variety of effective teaching and assessment practices.

• Teachers know a variety of effective classroom management strategies.

• Teachers know how pupils learn and the factors that influence pupil learning and achievement.

• Teachers use their professional knowledge and understanding of pupils, curriculum, legislation, teaching practices, and classroom management strategies to promote the learning and achievement of their pupils.

• Teachers communicate effectively with pupils, parents, and colleagues.

• Teachers conduct ongoing assessment of pupils’ progress, evaluate their achievement, and report results to pupils and their parents regularly.

• Teachers adapt and refine their teaching practices through continuous learning and reflection, using a variety of sources and resources.

• Teachers use appropriate technology in their teaching practices and related professional responsibilities.

• Teachers collaborate with other teachers and school colleagues to create and sustain learning communities in their classrooms and in their schools.

• Teachers work with professionals, parents, and members of the community to enhance pupil learning, pupil achievement, and school programs.

• Teachers engage in ongoing professional learning and apply it to improve their teaching practices.


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