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What advice do you have for someone considering a major in Special Education?



This is not my area of expertise but the following ladies are all wonderful Special Ed teachers:

Hey! I think the special ed is the best. You need to have a lot of patience and belief in kiddos. There is a lot if bureaucracy and paperwork, but it is supposed to help students be successful. Special ed students need to have someone who believes they can be successful and is able to make students believe they can be successful. If you have specific questions, I would be happy to answer too!

I am a Special Education Resource teacher in a K-8 school. I’m happy to answer any questions.


I give my students practice math problems in class. Whatever they don’t finish is homework. Students have an answer key for the problems, or I give them the answers in class.

I don’t give a grade for accuracy; I just check whether it’s complete or not (all problems attempted). I check off the…

These are just some thoughts off the top of my head. Do you need to check the work every night? If you are just checking to see if it is done, and the purpose of the work is extra practice, perhaps each class could have a hand in day, so you would have 30 books to mark each night. And if you are not actually checking accuracy, but only checking to see if they are not, it would not take very long. If they are supposed to do 5 pages in 5 days, that would allow them to do the work and catch up anything missed over the 5 days. 

I am curious though as to why you are only checking for completion. Is the purpose of the workbook only for extra practice? What if the student is practicing incorrectly, and thereby consolidating misconceptions? Do they check their own answers and then if they aren’t getting it, do they come to you later? Not criticizing, just curious as to the process.

Very weird clouds tonight. Windy. Hail Rain. Lightning.

These are the incredible items I received from my reddit match. Used 2 of them today with a new student. Can’t believe the generosity of people.

First week of school

4 new students with autism. We didn’t know they were coming so no plan on place.

4 referrals done the first week for different students.

A meeting after school each night until 5 pm.

A major placement issue discovered tonight about 5 o’clock.

Helped my principal at up a school twitter account.

And it is still wonderful to be back at school. I love my job



Here’s a little inspiration for my classroom for students who don’t want to get work done.




Here’s a little inspiration for my classroom for students who don’t want to get work done.


Thanks for the shout out tomes. I’m way late on this but I spent the week before school started on an island away from technology, and then school started…. enough said. 

Five nice things about me.

1. I love to share resources, I happily hand out books, lesson plans, websites to anyone who might need them.

2. I am very calm and effective in a stressful crisis.

3. I am a fun awesome teacher of math.

4. Even when I am nervous about it, I speak up when I see or hear something wrong.

5. I am an excellent listener.

Since I am way late with this, I won’t send it on to anyone.

Off the grid

Heading to a Y camp tomorrow on an island. This is the camp that all my kids attended and worked at. The last week of the summer is a family camp and we’ve been going for 16 years now. I will be leaving my phone off and checking it at night but I won’t be online at all. I have 8 books. That should last me. My last chance to rejuvenate brie school.


Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun

Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun, of Coast Salish descent, graduated from the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in British Columbia. In combining his own experiences with a political perspective, he paints landscapes with vivid, acidic colours, merging Native iconography with a surrealist influence to address West Coast Native issues (*with searing and unapologetic detail)

[…]Yuxweluptun has chosen art as a way to voice his political concerns, exposing environmental destruction and the struggle of Native people. He believes that his artwork stimulates dialogue between Native and non-Native people.

Fucking Creeps They’re Environmental Terrorists, 2013 


Scorched Earth, Clear-cut Logging on Native Sovereign Land. 1991



Burying Another Face of Racism on First Nations Soil,1997

Usufruct 1995


Yuxweluptun is Salish for “man of many masks,” a name given to the artist during his initiation into the Sxwaixwe Society at the age of fourteen. It is Cowishan Salish belief that the Sxwaixwe is a supernatural being who came down from the sky to live at the bottom of a lake. There is a dance associated with this creature in which the mask plays an important role. Yuxweluptun explains, “You carry the mask that belongs to your family and you identify with the animal on the mask.” (Robin Laurence, “Man of Masks,” Canadian Art, Spring 1995).

Reciprocal Respect in the Classroom


I’ve been trying to think of the right words to use for this, but I’m not sure it will ever happen so here goes nothing. 

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And this applies also when you are talking with them about something they did that was disrespectful. I’ve never seen yelling and screaming at a kid work to change behaviour. But talking calmly at least has a chance